Anthony Cozzi

Health Risk Data Portal (HRDP)


Sketch — Invision — Abstract

Scope of Work

Product Design — Research — DesignOps


Boulder — Bangalore

Cognizant Health Risk Data Portal is an integrated service that handles both electronic health record (EHR) and portable document format (PDF) data sources, such as an attending physician statement (APS) with a few simple steps by a user. The solution supports medical record retrieval through built-in connectivity with EHR vendors and handles data summarization through a combination of proprietary optical character recognition (OCR) and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities.


Cognizant Accelerator discovers and amplifes the innovation that happens every day among Cognizant’s 275,000 associates, the Accelerator team runs LaunchPad, a six-month, twice-yearly program that creates well-rounded internal startups and well-crafted products through a structured process.

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Team C’s Solution

Health Risk Data Portal (Team C) participated in the inaugural Launchpad cohort, focusing on a key challenge faced by life insurance companies.

The Problem: Life insurance underwriting processes often rely on "attending physician's statements" (APS) - comprehensive medical histories subject to delays due to manual and non-digital steps. This traditional model proves time-consuming and costly, prompting the need for alternative solutions.

To define the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), the team conducted a two-day brainstorming session utilizing the Lean Business Canvas framework.

MVP and Beta

Pioneering the initial MVP, I helped to secure Series A funding through a compelling demo. Subsequent user research was instrumental in shaping the Beta version, ensured we stayed close to customer needs.

Product Pivot

Encountering challenges with our Electronic Records Health (EHR) Vendors, we pivoted the product to leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This innovation automatically analyzes data, generating comprehensive visualizations that streamline candidate qualification and disqualification processes.

General Availability  — APS Summary

The data visualization page encompasses all needed information to qualify or disqualify a candidate. Visualizations were confirmed using user-testing and SME (Subject Matter Expert) interviews.

Artifact — Platform Diagram

A schematic I designed for a promotional brochure. HRDP uses SaaS architecture to provide an interactive, health data gateway between insurers and clinical data stewards, which is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Artifact — Custom Icons

For our default icons we used the set from Google’s Material Design. However, through the course of our project Material was missing a lot of the icons we needed. So, I decided to illustrate a custom set.

Artifact — Custom Team Logo

To bind our collective ambition and ignite the fire within each member, I created this logo for Team C. It embodies the spirit of the Curious Cheetahs, a team united by a shared cause and driven by a relentless pursuit of progress. 

Reflection — My final thoughts

I'm proud to have been the Lead Designer for nearly three years on Cognizant Health Risk Data Portal, now known as Cognizant Risk Profile Gateway. From its initial MVP to its current general availability, I played a key role in its development and success. The journey was certainly challenging, with obstacles like vendor issues, limited initial research, and a necessary product pivot. However, through collaboration and perseverance, we overcame these hurdles and delivered a valuable solution for the insurance industry. Most recently, HRDP integrated numerous evaluations from the Association of Home Office Underwriters Conference, further solidifying its capabilities. I'm confident that Cognizant Risk Profile Gateway will continue to evolve and achieve even greater success under the guidance of the talented team I was fortunate to work with. For more information about the platform, please visit the Cognizant website.

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